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Who I am

My name is Alexander Gellert, I previously graduated from Sheridan College Police Foundations around acquired a career as a Peace Officer. I have since left that field to attend Software Development (559) at Mohawk College to embrace my more knowledge hungry side of the tech world.

I have always been interested in computers, games, and the world wide web which contains the knowledge of everything. As a child I created my first game (a web browser game using html/css) using geocities where you would navigate your way through web pages to find items, weapons, monsters and eventually the princess at the end.

As I begun to mature, I wanted to also make sure I stayed active (hence the career in law enforcement). Since then I've realised I can enjoy the life of being a software engineer and still stay fit! Ever since that epiphany I have grabbed life by the reigns and thrown myself into the tech world and never looked back.

Always Giving Maximum Effort

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Police Foundations


Covered key concepts of Canadian Law, Policies & Proedures as well as fitness.

Detailed note taking as well as report writing.

Non-violent conflict resolution training.

Correctional Officer I


Utilized OTIS software system, detailed reports and accurate documentation of day to day events.

Supervision of 0-150 clients at any given time.

Daily use of "Use of Force" model.

Software Development (559)


Covers key topics such as data structures, system analysis, database design, software quality and testing, web development and mathematics.

Use of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, REACTJS, C#, Java for front-end development.

Use of Java,C# for back-end development.

Deployment Operations (Co-op)

January 2019 - April 2019

Utilized Ansible, PowerShell, Terraform and Docker to create and deploy applications on cloud servers.

Learned how to utilize Jira

Utilized Bitbucket for version control

Full-Stack Developer (Co-op)

May 2019 - August 2019

Improved skills of AngularJS, VueJS, Vuex and .Net Framework. Utilized Entity Framework while building GraphQL API.

Created Linked Scrolling, Queries as well as completing a task stated to be impossible.

Always completed all tasks during every sprint.